Our Club  

The Athletic Club “TA OLYMPIA ” (GSO) is the oldest sport club in Cyprus . It was founded in Limassol in 1892 and ever since it has played a very important role in the sport life of the island. Also, it has served as a cultural institution through which generations of young men and women were able to receive instrumental guidance and valuable knowledge with which they led their lives.

The GSO is largely responsible for the training and development of young athletes in the Limassol District, and over the years it has played a critical role regarding the development of sports such as Athletics, Gymnastics, Football etc.

After its founding, the GSO instigated the Pancyprian Games for Athletics in 1896 and was fortunate to have one of its athletes win an Olympic Gold Medal in the first modern Olympics of Athens in 1896.

The GSO was one of the founding members of SEGAS, the Greek Athletics Federation's most prestigious sport club. In 1925 GSO hosted in Limassol the first Pan Hellenic Games for Athletics and played a very important role in the development of athletics and sport club life in Greece , as we know it today. In 1928 GSO instigated the Pancyprian School Games for Athletics, thus involving young men in the sport life of the island. The following year, in 1929, GSO introduced females in all of its competitions and it became the pioneer sport club on the island regarding women sports in general. The club was fortunate to celebrate some of Cyprus ' most important sport achievements that were won by GSO athletes. Olympic Gold Medal in Athens in 1896, a Boston Marathon win, participation in many Olympiads, medals in Balkan and European Games are only some of the achievements of GSO athletes up to date.

Moreover, the GSO played an instrumental role in shaping the lives of young Cypriots and helping the Greek Nation achieve greatness throughout history. Countless young men, GSO athletes, fought along side their Greek brothers in the wars of the 20 th century. They gave their life and became examples for others to follow. Furthermore, the GSO played an important part in the development of the society and its people with its innovation and its involvement in hosting several cultural events throughout the years, including “Ta Anthestiria” which is a celebration of flowers and Cyprus flora.